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A quick update from the Saito Team

The Saito team has been a bit quiet recently. This is because of a combination of Christmas, New Years, Spring Festival and Corona Virus. 

With Beijing, like most major Chinese cities, in lockdown, international missions recommending against non-essential presence in China and international flights more and more restricted, the core Saito team have left Beijing for the foreseeable future. We are currently based in Rawai in Thailand, a place where the team, and extended family, can stay mid-term. Thailand’s approach to this crisis had been nothing but commendable.

Relocation and travel has disrupted progress on some fronts, but we are picking up pace again. TESTNET 2 is shaping up – expect an announcement soon. We remain on target for our extended project roadmap and goals. Travel plans to the US have been disrupted and will need to be rescheduled. We had been looking forward to the Stanford Blockchain conference, one of the highlights of last year as well as catching up with San Francisco and Silicon Valley based supporters and friends of the project. If we discussed meeting in the US with you, we’ll be in touch when we have reworked out travel plans for the year.

Finally, to folks in our groups and social channels – we are back and around much more. Drop by and say hello.

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