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Binance Smart Chain to Mainnet

Avoid Scams! Saito Token Migration is not required! You may safely keep wrapped tokens.

Today we’re happy to announce that the migration tool to mainnet has been extended to include BEP20 Saito tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Migration is not required, and anyone interested should first familiarize themselves with the details.

When we launched Saito, the AnySwap Bridge was a reliable tool to move wrapped Saito tokens between the BSC and Ethereum networks, but has since become unreliable. We remain fully committed to supporting both the ERC20 and BEP20 Saito tokens, and while this upgrade to our migration tool does not replace the Anyswap Bridge, it does allow holders on BSC the choice to migrate to the native Saito Network.

Token migration is not required, and at this stage we only recommend it for advanced users. If you choose to migrate your tokens, be sure to double check you are not falling prey to scams – use the correct migration link: Please note that migration is currently only one-way.


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