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Buying, Selling Saito live on PancakeSwap

Note: Please read out note on BUSD end of life. TL;DR: The project continues to provide liquidity support on Pancakeswap under the community liquidity program, but the pair has changed from SAITO/BUSD to SAITO/FDUSD.

Note: Please read our update on Anyswap before proceeding.

Today the Saito Team announces we have added USD 250k liquidity to SAITO on PancakeSwap (BSC). Full details are further down in this post, but if you are interested in buying or selling SAITO on BSC you can do so on this pool trading pair: BUSD/SAITO. (Info). (Please review the details below before trading.)

In addition to kicking off BSC trading, we are also launching a liquidity program that will allow early holders to earn rewards from trading activity. We call this the PancakeSwap Liquidity Program. It is designed to do three things:

  • provide cheaper options to buy, sell and stack SAITO
  • transfer income-earning opportunities to community members
  • support the BSC ecosystem

How it Works:

  • Saito guarantees a minimum liquidity on Pancake Swap (BUSD 250k)
  • If liquidity goes over this limit, the project will “make space” for community members. 
  • Saito will sponsor creation of an official liquidity farm for community members, when volume is sufficiently high.
  • Saito will ensure maximum yield for supporters by not farming any project LP tokens.

Under this program community members can add and remove liquidity at any time. Saito will monitor the pool and step in to ensure the minimum liquidity is maintained in the event of withdrawals that drop liquidity below this amount. We expect to be able to take care of any needed deposits within about 24 hours.

We hope this announcement explains why it has taken some time to finalize liquidity provision, as well as the role that our ERC20 token plays in: with the total amount of SAITO in circulation capped, we cannot unilaterally provide SAITO liquidity on all markets without sourcing it. We have been working with backend partners to ensure liquidity provision and expect the market to receive larger deposits over the next week.

We hope that our approach here signals Saito’s commitment to its community not only to openness, but also by highlighting the way in which a zero-inflation token must behave when integrating with external markets. As our ecosystem expands, we require community members and supporters to assist. We believe this requires nurturing opportunities for token-holders to benefit rather than simply co-opting them ourselves.

Participation Details

The trading pair is BUSD/SAITO. (Info)

The BEP20 SAITO token contract is: 0x3c6dad0475d3a1696b359dc04c99fd401be134da created by the anyswap bridge. Be sure to confirm this contract address before trading. We will follow up with relevant providers such as Pancake Swap and coin-market cap to get appropriate branding applied. 

A price chart and trading history is available on Dex Tools

Project Saito was added on 2021-11-19 and 2021-11-22, and test trades made to ensure function. Some further trades have been made by unknown third parties, price is tracking other platforms.

As always PancakeSwap is a DEX and users should ensure they understand fully what they are doing before committing any funds.


ERC20 SAITO can be converted to BEP20 SAITO using the Anyswap Bridge.

Select which chain you wish to move to and from (Anyswap works in both directions) and select SAITO for Each.

NOTE: The SAITO will be deposited to the same address on the to (target) chain as it was received from on the from chain. 


If you are using Metamask this means having BSC enabled. Using Trustwallet or similar, make sure you are using a wallet mode that supports both BSC and Ethereum mainnet, or that you have both a BSC and Ethereum wallet configured from the same private key/seed phrase.

Anyswap is a decentralised platform and users should ensure they understand fully what they are doing before committing any funds.

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