Product Stack Lead Engineer

  • Work typeSaito Core
  • DepartmentProduct & Marketing
  • AssignmentFull-time


Saito has a unique consensus mechanism which is unlike any other blockchain.

The consensus mechanism allows Saito to be both highly scalable and completely open/decentralized. Saito Consensus pays node operators for their work (bandwidth and compute) routing transactions to other nodes, allowing Saito to move more data than any other chain. The whitepaper, which can be found on our website, goes into detail and we are also happy to discuss the details of the consensus mechanism on our Telegram or Discord for anyone that’s interested to dive deeper.

We are highly focused on building working code that supports real-world usage. We have a long-term vision and believe that the underlying technology will support a healthy growth curve if we focus on building the tech and getting real community engagement.

Our team has secured a healthy runway with support from reputable funds such as Spark Digital Capital, DFG and others. We have also launched an ERC20 via an IDO which is growing the Saito Foundation’s capabilities, our community and brand.

Job Description

This role is responsible for our user facing application stack, developer tooling and the future of application architecture on Saito. We have a network that was built as a proof-of-concept in Node.js that supports tens of thousands of data rich application transactions a day.

Key projects include:

  • Extension and improvement of the Saito Arcade, Game and application experience
  • Integration of third party cryptocurrencies into the Saito Stack
  • Design and creation of a developer SDK

In this position you’ll be expected to take responsibility for software products, lead and coach in-house and community developers. You will work closely with product management, founders and community to be constantly improving what we do and how we do it.

Experience is needed in delivering applications on the web and mobile platforms. While our stack is node.js we preference candidates with broad engineering experience over specific skills. Leadership and contributions to open source and larger projects will be a big bonus.

Location: Our team is located in Beijing and Phuket. Remote work is acceptable. While COVID makes travel impossible now, we prefer to work with candidates who are able to spend at least a month working on-site with us every year.

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