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Changes to services to US Persons.

United States based community members may have noticed that Crypto exchange is starting to restrict US users from accessing its exchange platform. These changes are due to US regulations and not related to Saito.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for US based SAITO holders. As always non-custodial options, where users hold their own keys, are preferred:’

Non-custodial Options

  1. Trustwallet 
    Fully supports SAITO ERC20 Tokens. The Android version also supports interactions with DEXs and other features.
  1. Metamask
    Metamask also supports SAITO ERC20 tokens and can be used on desktop or phone. It can also be paired with hardware wallets such as a ledger.
  1. Coinbase Wallet
    Coinbase wallet supports SAITO ERC20 and has customer service in the US.

Custodial Options

Bigone, Decoin, LBank, BKEX and Hotbit Exchanges all offer SAITO Markets.

The Saito team understands the importance of major centralized exchanges in providing liquidity and on-ramps to new and existing holders. We are in discussions with major exchanges to ensure the best experience and options are available to the Saito community in all jurisdictions.

The Saito team

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