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Conflux — taking a DAG-based approach to scaling proof-of-work

In this episode we sit down with Conflux’s Péter Garamvölgyi (core developer) and Zhe Tang (operations manager) to hear their thoughts on how to solve the scalability trilemma.

Developed by a group of computer scientists from the University of Toronto (one of show co-host David’s alma maters) and Tsinghua University in Beijing (also home to The Saito Social), the project has garnered attention thanks to the involvement of Dr Andrew Chi-Chih Yao — the only Chinese recipient of the Turing Award — as well as a $35 million funding round last year, which included backing from the likes of Sequoia China.

Join us as we dig into their proposal to combine a DAG data structure with Satoshi’s Proof of Work consensus algorithm as a way of delivering increased throughput — all while seeking to maintain the chain’s properties of security and decentralisation. As always: your co-hosts are Saito’s Richard Parris and David Lancashire. Feedback welcome via

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