Copyright Policy

As a project, Saito believes in the importance of network neutrality. This follows naturally from our conviction in the importance of building an open network layer where the egalitarian independence of all participants is enforced by open incentives as well as recognized and protected by law. We also believe in the importance of sensible and transparent rules for managing digital rights and ownership. This page outlines important policies we follow in these regards.

DMCA / Safe Harbor Notice

User-provided content is commonly indexed by our servers such as tweets submitted by users to our social media platform Red Square, third-party applications which may be indexed by our AppStore, as well as  transactions uploaded to our transaction archives and fetched for use in other applications. In the event that these services come to enable copyright violations, we ask that complainants assist us by submitting a formal complaint to Angiers PTE LTD to our registered agent as per the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our current contact for this process is:

David Lancashire
Angiers PTE. LTD
160 ROBINSON ROAD #24-09
SINGAPORE (068914)
+66 061-517-1560

We also welcome inquiries by email at We politely request that any inbound email is also directed to our main email address to raise the visibility of concerns within our organization generally. All complaints received will be handled as required as required by law, including notification to involved parties and termination of service to repeat infringers. We by default implement the “counter-notice procedure” in the complaint process so as to allow users to respond to complaints and push disputes to the existing legal system in the event users assert reasonable grounds for usage.

Repeat Infringer Policy

In order to protect the rights of copyright holders, Saito implements a copyright repeat infringer policy under which we may take action against users who repeatedly misuse our services by violating Saito’s copyright standards or local laws. Our repeat infringer policy is implemented seriously to take timely actions upon notice against users who repeatedly misuse our services in this way.

Who is a repeat infringer and how is it determined?

Under Saito policy, a ‘repeat infringer’ is any user who consistently fails to adhere to Saito’s repeat infringer policy. This may be due to multiple successful copyright complaints against them within a stipulated period of time and could result in our refusing to route transactions for the repeat infringer or index/archive materials from them on our infrastructure. If we receive a valid copyright complaint identifying infringing content published by a user on our network, the content may be removed. If this happens too often, we will take action against the account and the user will be notified. Once we take action against an account, the user may be prevented or restricted from accessing Saito’s services until a successful appeal is received and processed. We aim to be straightforward in collecting the required information and providing it to copyright owners so that disputes can be handled properly through existing legal mechanisms.