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Feeless Eth Wagers in Trustless Poker and More

Use Eth Like Never Before

Free and fast Eth token settlement comes to Saito, and its P2P games. Alongside other upgrades like simple wallet backup, the native Ethereum token can now be used for no cost within the Saito Network to pay friends or bet on P2P games in the Saito Arcade. To wager Eth on games outside of Saito, you’ll be stuck with centralized, Web2 services.

True P2P Gaming

The Saito PKI network specializes in providing secure and sprawling P2P infrastructure in pursuit of true Web3. One of the most popular use cases for Saito is trustless P2P gaming. Recent upgrades now allow gamers at Saito.io/arcade to send and receive Eth tokens to other Saito users at no cost and with quick settlement.

Games like Poker, Settlers, Chess and more have integrated Eth settlement, meaning trustless gaming now supports real crypto wagers – despite being true Web3, playing games with real tokens is fast and free with a user experience rivaling centralized, Web2 gaming.

It’s Easy to Start

Getting started on Saito is as easy as navigating to Saito.io/arcade or Saito.io/redsquare – a wallet is automatically generated and saved to the browser and you can start playing P2P games or using P2P communications tools and dApps right away.

We’re also hosting a game night with the founders, team and community members tomorrow, July 7th at 2:00 UTC. If you’d like to try Eth betting and chat with the team, stop by!

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