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First ATR Cycle and Rewards

ATR Rewards Automatic Transaction Rebroadcasting 5% APY for native wallets

Avoid Scams: Saito Migration is not mandatory – your wrapped tokens are safe to hold.

Today marks the completion of the first Saito ATR cycle, and as promised last autumn, early holders of native-chain Saito have received their first project ATR rewards. Those who have previously chosen to migrate can now see their increased balance on the explorer.

Our Token Persistence Update and Tokenomics update last autumn defined a persistence curve for minimum supported balances over time – it also marked the release of our ERC20 bridge, which has seen many dedicated Saitozens crossing onto the native chain. As a reward for early migrators, 5% APY will go to native wallets – disbursed from the project every six months.

Avoid scams! There is no need to migrate! Those insistent on doing so should double check via the Wiki and Official Telegram that they are using the correct address to bridge:

We thank our community for their continued support and for taking part in the earliest periods of our revolutionary network.

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