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Head of Marketing and Outreach – Filled

We have to go deeper.

Saito is a revolutionary blockchain that fixes major incentive problems in all proof-of-work and proof-of-stake networks. Saito consensus eliminates the 51 percent and other economic attacks while paying the nodes in the peer-to-peer network instead of miners and stakers.

These changes will make Saito a major global cryptocurrency on par with Bitcoin and Ethereum. But it also presents a major communications challenge. We are looking for someone who can create and execute an outreach strategy that will compel the world to pay attention to Saito and convince the smartest people in the industry to put in the time needed to understand it.

The right candidate will grow and engage with our community genuinely and sincerely to inspire new users to join Saito and to promote an expanding user base of active and excited users who can “redpill” others on Saito’s fundamental critiques and our solution.

Working with us will put you at the center of a transformative shift in the cryptocurrency industry. Your job will require sidestepping ideological mental barriers to understanding Saito, and protect our brand and credibility. A solid knowledge of the blockchain industry is a must.

As a large portion of the Saito community is in China, we are looking for a candidate who will be comfortable creating strategies and working with and supervising others on both Chinese and international social media platforms and communities. 

Role: Head of Marketing and Outreach

This role has ultimate responsibility for designing and executing project marketing and outreach strategy to support project goals. 

Key activities include:

  • develop overall marketing strategy based on practical realities
  • manage existing outreach channels including email, telegram, wechat
  • develop and source content to explain and promote Saito
  • handle social media strategy and execution
  • arrange project participation in on and offline events
  • coordinating marketing strategies with community leaders and teams
  • manage staff and/or agencies

Salary and Conditions:

Pay and conditions will be commensurate with the seniority of the role and experience and tightly linked to performance.


Marketing Saito will put you in one of the most interesting and rewarding roles in crypto. If this sounds exciting, reach out and let us know how you will help Saito take over the world by sending an email to

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