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Over 10mil SAITO Wrapped on BSC

The Saito Community Pancakeswap Liquidity Program is off to an amazing start with more than 10 million SAITO now wrapped on Binance Smart Chain. 

Liquidity Provider rewards available to the community are now over 35% APR.

It’s been a week since we launched the program. Participants can join the program by providing liquidity into the SAITO/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap. The project will guarantee minimum liquidity but leave space for the community to maximise returns to community liquidity providers.

We are super proud of how strong and engaged our community can be and happy to see that Saito holders and supporters are earning benefits from the trading activity. It is also fantastic that supporters with smaller budgets can purchase with significantly reduced fees. 

We would like to encourage our community members to stake their SAITO/BUSD tokens to improve the network metrics while simultaneously earning profits from the pool.

Token holders may provide liquidity to SAITO/BUSD pair in equal proportion on PancakeSwap here: https://pancakeswap.finance/info/pool/0xc595bea9ba58d0cada5fa287dda4f30517c3e1a4

Please make use of the following contract addresses BEP20 SAITO: 0x3c6dad0475d3a1696b359dc04c99fd401be134da

As always PancakeSwap is a DEX and users should ensure they understand fully what they are doing before committing any funds.

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