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P2P Gaming with Saito and Ethereum

Eth is integrated into the Saito Game Engine, an advanced framework extending the famous ‘Mental Poker’ protocol invented by RSA authors.

We’re excited to announce the integration of the Ethereum token into The Saito Game Engine through the Mixin Service provided by Saito Nodes. This sophisticated game engine leverages Mental Poker’s commutative cryptographic techniques, initially described by RSA authors to play trustless, 1v1 poker. Saito Game Engine supports trustless, peer-to-peer (P2P) gaming far beyond poker or 1v1 games.

You can try it out on the Arcade.

More info on Eth integration in Saito here.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Wagering real crypto on P2P games like Poker, Settlers, and more was a natural evolution of the functionality of Saito. Eth was the first choice for integration into these games. The Saito Arcade leverages Saito Layer-1 as a public key infrastructure (PKI). This ensures secure key exchange and sets up players for secure P2P gaming without needing a central middleman, even for multi-player games.

Profit from Engagement

Saito Nodes benefit from attracting users by offering Web3 services. By offering services like free and instant in-network Ethereum transfers, users get more out of Web3 and nodes can produce more blocks. Similar to how efficient Bitcoin miners earn more rewards, Saito Nodes that attract more users are more profitable.

Seamless Web3 Experience

Easy to use, fast, and true P2P games void of middleman is what Saito provides. Adding similarly easy, fast and cheap settlement of crypto like Ethereum into games only makes Saito Web3 more compelling. Saito offers a true, P2P and Web3 front-end to crypto wallets, dApps and games that is sorely missing from the space.

Get Started with True Web3 Development

Interested in integrating your favorite tokens into trustless games and dApps? Visit our Wiki page or reach out to the team on P2P Social Media Red Square to kick-start your journey into true Web3 application development.

Integrate Eth into real P2P, Web3 applications. Provide a Web3 front-end and take the final step in decentralizing your dApps.

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