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UPDATE: Pancakeswap Liquidity Adjustment

NOTE: this post is about liquidity migration on Pancakeswap. It has nothing to do with ERC20 token migration to Saito Mainnet, which continues to be entirely optional. We remind all users there are no plans to force token migration and the only migration tool available remains (https://saito.io/migration). Please be careful of scammers. Now on to Pancakeswap….

As Binance has announced the end of life for BUSD we will be shifting liquidity on Pancakeswap to FDUSD on Friday, December 8. We will take the opportunity of the shift to upgrade to Pancakeswap V3 as well.

For community members providing liquidity on the BEP20 SAITO/BUSD pair we suggest you move liquidity onto the new pair when it is created. The Saito project will continue to guarantee minimum liquidity of USD 250K equivalent on the new SAITO/FDUSD pair.

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