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Playing games on the Saito Blockchain

Curious about the next big thing in the blockchain space? If you haven’t experienced on-chain gaming yet, be sure to visit the Saito Arcade and try out one of our first three on-chain games: Chess, WordBlocks or Twilight Struggle. Although all our games can be played asynchronously, the Saito Blockchain Game Engine supports real-time play too.

To get started, just visit our Arcade and click on the picture of what you want to play. Provide your opponent’s address and invite them to a game. Once they accept it will take a minute for the game to initialize. Then you’ll be able to start playing. No need for clunky boxes and pieces, or to download separate software.

Players looking for opponents can join our official Telegram group and mention you’re looking for a game. We also have a WeChat group for gamers in Asia — just visit our Arcade module to join it.

Future plans:

The biggest feature request in the past month was the addition of leaderboards to the Arcade module and token-staking for the underlying game engine, so as to support games that require some form of symbolic wagering. We are also taking suggestions on additional games to support. If there is a game that you’d love to see playable online then please share your suggestion in our Saito forum.

In the meantime, we welcome everyone to check out the actual games. If you are on our public network, the Saito token faucet will make sure you always have enough tokens to play games for free. Visit it whenever you find yourself running low on SAITO. And if you run into problems then please be sure to flag them for a member of our team to fix.

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