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Saito Chess League Announcement

Hello there Saitozens!

We’d like to Announce the Saito Community Chess League

We know Saitozens are a smart bunch – but who is the smartest of them all?
(or best at Chess, at least).

Join Now! And start playing today.


The League will run for a month. The top players from the league stage will be pitted against each other in a tournament.


  • You can register through this form, it will allow players to select either easy mode or hard more for their participation.
    Auto Mode: In auto mode players will be matched by timezones to make it as comfortable as possible to set up games.
    Manual Mode: In manual mode players will be given access to a list of players and matchmake by themselves.
  • Every player starts with a default 1500 MMR.
  • Players will have their games scheduled for them by the league organizer, or they can manually invite opponents and report the results depending on which mode they chose.
  • Players will need a minimum of 5 played matches to qualify for the tournament playoffs.
  • Official matches will be reported through the auto-filled form by the winning player.
  • Failure to play enough games by the deadline will result in reduction of MMR.

Following Through with the community

We are looking for community volunteers passionate about the arcade to run tournaments in our other games to help us develop our tournament format even further and to enrich the community with activities.

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