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Saito Enables Web3 Crypto Support

We are pleased to announce our first Saito release with web3 crypto support. This allows users to write applications that interact with other cryptocurrencies. It is a step forward in our development as a blockchain application platform, and in adding support for community tokens like DOT and EGLD.

While we planned to release web3 on our staging network first, we ultimately decided development would be easier on our live network. This is why all Saito wallets now have this functionality. To switch to a non-Saito cryptocurrency, click on the hamburger menu in the Saito header and activate your preferred crypto through the slide-in menu. Your wallet will update with a deposit address. Sending tokens can be handled through the slide-in menu as well. All underlying network functionality is still conducted in Saito.

Web3 support is experimental and comes with no guarantees — please do not deposit crypto you are unwilling to lose. And please do a full backup of any wallets after you install crypto onto them. To limit public risk during this early stage, we are restricting the default crypto modules installed on Saito to TRX (Tron), a low cost of the token (suitable for testing) with a community unlikely to treat the Saito wallet as a secure crypto-vault. Our aim is to have a well-debugged UI/UX by the time we onboard our partner cryptos whose users may have a different risk profile.

If you are a community member and are interested in helping us test this new functionality but do not have TRX, we’d be happy to send some your way for free. Just send community@saito.io a screenshot of you winning ANY game on the Saito Arcade along with your TRX address (in text) and we will send you enough for testing. Community members on Saito chat may have some supply they can share as well.

We look forward to working out the kinks with everyone and are keen to add support for other cryptocurrencies one-by-one over the next year. In the meantime, we invite all members of the Saito community to help test web3 crypto support and get our deposit, withdrawal and in-app usage working as seamlessly as possible.

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