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Saito joins web3 foundation Open Grants Program

The Saito team are delighted to be proud our proposal to transform the Saito Game Protocol and Engine into cross-platform Web 3 gaming protocol, has been accepted by the a web3 foundation Open Grants Program.

Having a standard protocol for Web3 gaming is important because it allows developers to easily code complicated games that rely on distributed cryptography for things like shuffling cards, rolling dice, and many other types of game actions (simultaneous blind moves, random number generation, etc.). These fundamentals are needed by almost every class of game.

As part of this project we will bring Saito’s peer-to-peer games into the Polkadot ecosystem, while bringing the NFTs and monetary tokens running on Polkadot to the developers building games in the Saito community. Game publishers will shortly be able to code sophisticated and engaging games that use monetary tokens in days rather than months. The long-term goal is to empower gamers and game publishers by eliminating the ability for proprietary third-parties like Apple and Valve to control the gaming ecosystem and dictate acceptable business models within it.

For those new to the Web3 Foundation can find information on it and . The best place to experience Saito and the emerging distributed games industry is the Saito Arcade.

We look forward to working with the Web3 foundation and the Polkadot community to bring games and fun to the Polkadot ecosystem, and great tools to Polkadot and general developers. And to bring the value of the tools and tokens being created to the Saito development community.

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