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Saito Network To Host Building Web 3.0 Online Event

Saito Network will be hosting an online event: Building Web 3.0 at 1:00 pm, September 28 UTC.

The event aims to gather ecosystem projects who are actively building Web 3.0 to discuss progress and the future of Web 3.0. The event will also be a forum for Web 3.0 projects and communities to showcase their work. Leading thinkers and builders will share practical experiences of building Web 3.0, talking about how to use technology to create trustless systems for universal participation, sustainable business models, and rethink relationships between developers, users, and money in the token economy. 

Participants attending this event will learn where Web 3.0 is, the challenges it faces, and about its potential to change the future. Attendees will see practical products by well-known projects, connect with industry experts.

Saito co-founder David Lancashire said, the industry is developing very fast so we are holding this event to bring leading projects here to share their expertise and insights with users. 

The event features a diverse lineup of the projects including  Polygon, Neo, Phala, Polkastarter and more. Don’t miss Saito co-founder’s thought provoking presentation: Openness Not Decentralization! to get you rethinking what you thought you knew about Web 3.0. 

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