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Saito Network

Saito Network – Policy and Status

What is the Saito Network

The Saito Network is a clean instantiation of the Saito protocol, incorporating improvements and fixes from the Saito TESTNET (2019-01-01 ~ 2019-12-31). – a showcase of what can be done on the Saito Network is live now.

A Development Roadmap for the Network is set out below.

Network Resets

The Saito is live and fully functional. At this stage of development the blockchain may be reset at any time. When this happens:

  • The blockchain is deleted
  • All UTXO (token balances) are removed from wallets as they are now unspendable
  • Registered identifiers are kept
  • Forum posts and comments are kept
  • The rewards system will provide tokens to preexisting wallets to keep things moving
  • Your application can continue to run.

What can I do on the Saito Network

How Can I get Involved?

Gamers: Saito Arcade

App developers: Develop and deploy modules

Core Developers: visit github or contact us at

Community: Saito Chat, Telegram, Twitter

Investors/pertnerships: contact

Media: contact

Network Roadmap


  • Javascript core code
  • In browser light client and wallet
  • App Suite
  • Appstore and Quick Deploy

Todo/Work in Progess

  • SPV light client mode
  • High capacity Rust Client
  • Multi-node synchronization

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