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Saito-Polkadot Arcade is live!

The Saito Polkadot Arcade is now live! As visitors can see, the Arcade already supports three Polkadot Tokens ($DOT, $KSM, and $WND). We look forward to adding more as we continue our mission to get browser-based games working seamlessly with blockchain assets.

Beyond opening a new frontier in blockchain gaming, the Saito Polkadot Arcade provides a working example of how we believe Polkadot developers should build web3 applications. As visitors can see, Polkadot applications running on Saito offer a better user experience than websites that need external plugins like Metamask, and eliminate the need for centralized infrastructure providers like Infura.

As part of this release, we encourage developers working on Polkadot projects that need in-browser applications to get in touch. We are happy to support the Polkadot ecosystem in getting usable applications running on the Internet today.

While we still have a second milestone to release before the Saito Arcade provides full in-game support for transfers of Polkadot assets, we hope this release gets DOT users and developers excited about what is coming. While we work on delivering our next milestone, we encourage everyone to come and check out all of the open games that already exist on Saito which will be gaining DOT integration shortly: Poker, Chess, Wordblocks, Twilight Struggle, Red Imperium, and many more. 

To make the celebration even better, join our Telegram Channel for news on a series of epic game tournaments & events launching soon which will be open to everyone.

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