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Saito Roadmap Update: 24 May 2021

As the crypto markets experience turmoil, our team remains focused on building Saito into the world’s largest and most open public blockchain. Here is an update on what is happening.


By now our team has laid the foundation for a Rust implementation of our core Saito client. You can follow the development work on our Github repository. We have also pushed forward by completing Milestone #1 of our Web3 Foundation Grant.

For the next four weeks our priorities are continuing to build our Rust client, as well as doing developer outreach to the Polkadot community around the Web3 work we have delivered. As always, of course, we welcome contact from those interested in building applications on Saito or contributing to development:

Our current priorities:

  • Rust speed-benchmarking: we expect to get Saito-Rust to the point in the next three weeks where we will be able to begin benchmarking foundational components like block creation, transaction validation and data-hashing speeds. We plan to release a short test-suite others can use to validate our figures. Once this is done our Rust client should be able to make blocks and process transactions, but lack networking support.
  • We will be spending time to revamp our homepage and user-facing website as well. This is as much comms and marketing work as it is tech, but we expect the technical implementation will take some time and attention.


  • As our community is aware, we have been working on expanding exchange listing support. We are in late stages of a significant listing and will provide details on timelines once we have details we can share.
  • Given recent market movements, we note that Saito is well-insulated against market volatility as most of our funding is secured in USD-denominated assets.
  • With vesting complete, we plan to move the majority of illiquid SAITO tokens on the public ERC20 contract into an explicitly multi-sig vault. Details on any transfer that affects publicly-visible balances will be communicated well-in-advance.


  • We are working on marketing activities related to activities discussed in the finance section of this roadmap. We expect this to continue to take up time and ask for understanding.
  • We are working to setup regularly-scheduled competitions and tournaments around some of the more popular games in our Saito Arcade. We’re not quite sure yet how this will interact with our Web3 support for other cryptocurrencies, but you can expect to see poker tournaments and other gaming leagues get off the ground in the next two weeks. We hope you will all join us for some fun!
  • Judging from online shares and retweets, our most popular piece of content last month was been this Ready Player One meme video. But we produced a lot of great stuff including multiple interviews, videos, and several blog posts. We will continue to put effort into producing materials and have plans for community activities to generate even more.


  • We have brought on 1-2 developers over the past three weeks and are still looking for a front-end NodeJS developer who can work full-time on improving our website and all of our Saito Applications, including our games and web3 support layer. We are also continuing to hire for marketing.
  • As our marketing efforts expand we are looking for senior marketing staff who can design and execute great campaigns to take Saito to the crypto community and the world.

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