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Saito Whitepaper – Polish Translation

Biała księga Saito jest już dostępna w języku polskim – 🇵🇱

Polish Whitepaper – Biała księga w języku polskim

In another fantastic community effort, the Saito Whitepaper has been translated into Polish. This is a fantastic effort and we’d like to thank @szpiegotka in particular for his efforts. If you would like to get involved, head over to the wiki to connect.

I am personally pleased not only to see the Whitepaper in one of my ancestoral languages (my Grandfather was a Wongtschowski) but also in the language of Jan Łukasiewicz and Alfred Tarski. These two Polish logicians formed an big part in my early conversion from Mathematics student to Philosophy major. They both demonstrated how rigourous tools can be brought to thinking, and also where the limits of where algebras and symbolic notations can get us.

This translation joins French and Arabic in our growing list.

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