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The Saito Bug Bounty Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of Saito’s official bug bounty program. Our goal with this program is to provide an incentive for outside developers to report critical network problems. We are pleased at present to be able to provide a bounty of 250 USD for each critical bug. Payments can be made in SAITO or in USDC if preferred.

To report an issue please email us at bugs@saito.io and let us know roughly what issue you have found. Our team will review your report and determine whether you are describing a critical issue covered under this program. If your report is considered in-scope, we will reply accepting the issue at which point you will be asked for more information, possibly including instructions on how to replicate the problem.

At the moment, our focus is on problems which are able to compromise the user’s in-browser wallet. We plan to expand the scope of this program over time, but at the moment issues that merely cause applications to “break” in reasonably trivial ways will not be considered in-scope.

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