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Token Distribution Update

This document updates information provided in and and includes updated information on current distribution.


27,458,571 ERC-20 Saito have been distributed to Seed investors that requested conversion to ERC20 SAITO and Private Sale purchasers who were not ‘double vested’ on 2021–04–22.

16,249,987 ERC-20 Saito have been distributed to non-project holders between 2021–04–22 and 2021–07–22. The largest of these distributions has been to as part of the listing process. Other, smaller, allocations have been distributed as prizes and in other marketing activities.

SAITO ERC20 Token Supply

Vesting and disbursements between 2021–04–22 and 2021–07–22 resulted in a 2.64% increase in circulating supply.

Treasury Wallets (Unchanged)
Sale and Liquidity: 0x7cef1f635c41e5a80946adac6724532026cc5285
Foundation: 0x5da22a41d6326b5a8205cde147ccfe0a47d7eccf
Contributors Dev: 0xfb99cc6fbbc35c87381a187435f256509f2808b2

Note: The project is planning on moving treasury funds to vault storage. Any movement of funds between Project administered wallets will be publicly announced.

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