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Update June 2022

We have received inquiries about the financial roadmap of the Saito project, and are happy at this moment of uncertainty in the market to provide a general update for project supporters. The summary is that we remain excited about Saito and believe we are in a strong position to weather any financial storm.

Saito has sufficient USD and crypto-denominated assets to execute our roadmap for at least the coming three years. Our current outgoings are USD 80k/month. The project also controls slightly over 500mm ERC20 tokens, and is holding an additional 250mm unvested tokens for a major supporter.

While we are following market movements, our hedges and existing management policies are performing well. We will continue to provide liquidity on major trading pairs as we focus on executing our core roadmap: developing our core software clients, ramping up the quality and playability of the games in the Saito Arcade, and building transaction volume and community engagement.

We are delighted that Saito remains one of the very few 2021-launched tokens to be significantly up over its launch price and are happy to confirm we have no interest in expanding supply or selling additional Saito: our short-term goals remain achieving zero inflation and moving forward with our roadmap.

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