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Web 3 Grant: Saito Polkadot Arcade Milestone 2 Accepted

We are very happy to announce that the Saito – Polkadot Game Bridge – Open Grant: Milestone 2 has been approved by web3 foundation. DOT Arcade now boasts Blackjack and we have created a dedicated tool to help developers get started building games.

Polkadot support has been added to Blackjack. And all games can now take advantage of standardised methods to interact with game engine components and UI. 

The Game Test Suite is a developer tool to allow developers to quickly explore the functionality (UI and under the hood) of the game engine and components, and rapidly design games. The development team has already optimized the user interface and developed user-visible buttons to better indicate functionality.

Saito co-founder Richard Parris noted “We are super happy to have had this milestone accepted. Working with the web3 foundation and Polkadot community has been really rewarding. We are working to take these innovations in the Polkadot space to the next level in the coming months.”

As announced in Saito’s recent Roadmap Update Polkadot support leads the way to integrating many more cryptocurrencies and ecosystems. This is an integral part of our Saito vision, and how we take Web 3 to the world.

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