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Saito on BSC: AnySwap and BEP20 Update


EDIT 2023-09-02
Anyswap / Multichain has run into security issues with the apparent arrest of its founder in China, with lost key access potentially compromising the use of the bridge. Do not attempt to use the bridge in either direction between BEP20 and ERC20. The team is monitoring the situation and will most likely setup a process for manual withdrawal of existing BEP20 tokens to Saito mainnet at some point. In the meantime, we recommend that users do not use Anyswap until the situation is clarified. Official announcements from Multichain can be found at https://multichain.org/


At Saito we want SAITO to be tradable on lower-fee chains. We are also working to support more ways for SAITO holders to be rewarded for holding SAITO. An important and obvious next step that achieves both goals is to allow for the buying and selling of SAITO tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

As a step that makes progress with this, we have worked with AnySwap to create a bridge between ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. This bridge allows anyone to move SAITO ERC20 tokens onto BSC where they are can be freely traded as BEP20 tokens (the BSC equivalent to ERC20).

The process of moving tokens involves visiting the AnySwap interface. The bridge is live on AnySwap and the contract address for the BEP20 SAITO created by the bridge is: 0x3c6dad0475d3a1696b359dc04c99fd401be134da.

Partnering with AnySwap on this cross-chain bridge is a step towards two common requests: cheaper purchasing and transacting fees for SAITO and access to more liquidity pools and options. We are exploring options and sharing this news as we welcome community involvement.

If you are a larger holder or members of the community interested in providing liquidity, please feel welcome to get in touch. We are not currently offering any guarantees as to the reliability of the bridge, but are looking into options and may provide this as part of launching an official BUSD/BNB-SAITO trading-pair.


We have moved quickly to work with AnySwap to make this possible. We are excited to be partnering with the AnySwap team but note that, as with all DeFi infrastructure users should exercise their own judgement and caution.


We have partnered with AnySwap to promote two of our key goals for our community:

  • provide cheaper non-custodial ways to obtain SAITO tokens
  • create more ways for holders to be rewarded for holding SAITO

We are looking into supporting a liquidity pool on BSC, that can share trading rewards with holders. We are talking to community members and partners gathering input on the best options. We will also pursue wallet integration and other ‘nice to have’ features to help increase the visibility of the brand, and help users transact safely.

Watch our social channels and announcements for updates.


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