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Saito Whitepaper – French Translation

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que le White Paper de $SAITO est maintenant disponible en Français. 🇫🇷

French Whitepaper – Whitepaper en Français

As a personal aside, it’s particularly nice to have a French version of the Saito whitepaper given that some of the more radical ideas in our advanced section are quietly indebted to the great French philosopher Alexis de Toqueville, one of the first political theorists to suggest that self-balancing coalitions are the best way to create stable and open governance mechanisms. Saito’s idea of having routers, miners and users engage in a tripartite battle over the network PAYSPLIT harkens back to him in an obvious way.

Although many English-speakers will have read snippets of his Democracy in America, not many tackle his second and arguably greater work The Old Regime and the Revolution, in which Alexis returned to the French Revolution to ask why it failed and why France descended back into authoritarian control. His answer: with the contending minority interests of French society effectively decimated by the willful centralization of pre-Revolutionary royal rule, French society lacked the complex domestic forces needed to prevent its democratic experiment from descending into tyranny and mob rule.

There should be much more awareness of these ideas — and much less naiveté about on-chain voting generally — in the blockchain space. One of the questions Saito asks — and one to which we are not sure of the answer — is whether we can modify our current mechanism and balance participants off against each other in ways that allow us to do things like spend more on scale when needed and increase cost-of-attack when appropriate. We hope that as more people come to understand Saito we will get more assistance thinking through these questions as a community.

In the meantime, we hope that this translation will help some of these “radical ideas” reach receptive ears on their native soil. Thank you again, Maxime!


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